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File Formats


People think the life of a wedding photographer in Sussex is easy, just download the pictures. If only it were that easy. There is a certain amount of skill required and I hope what I have written below will help.

JPG format


When you shoot in JPG format all the settings you have in the camera are applied. These are sharpening contrast, D lighting, colour space. Should you wish to edit the image a certain amount of editing is available. Each time you edit the JPG file you get a certain amount of “lossiness”. That means the colours start to average to each other, subtle reds will merge into one red. The quality of the image starts to deteriorate .



The professional photographer will shoot in RAW, an option on most good cameras, none of the conditioning set in the camera is applied to the image, it is just as the sensor saw it, don’t be fooled by what you see in the preview on your camera, this has been adjusted for you to view the image.
You will now have to download the files into one of the proprietary programmes to edit and then output them to the JPG format for printing and viewing, we use Adobe Lightroom in conjunction with Photoshop to edit our images. Each and every one of the images I take are looked at and edited for exposure, colour, D lighting and in some cases local edits to bring out clouds and other high key areas of the file. Once we are happy with the look of the image we will then export it as a JPG, sometimes in a much smaller file size for web viewing and a further export at full size for album design and printing.


Colour Space

Its a good idea to keep the quality up to shoot raw using the Adobe colour space, you can output to sRGB when you export your images to JPG format


D Lighting


 A quick explanation, it is the treatment of the shadow areas so you get a balanced photograph.


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