The process, from beginning to end

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Let me put you in the picture:

Its always great to hear from a couple who are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Sussex , but it is very important that we meet each other before hand.

What to focus on at a Wedding:

 An important part of the photographer’s job is to take control of the people at the wedding, it will be my fault if the images are not top notch, so the first job is to find your help. The best man while he is sober is my greatest asset, he knows everyone, of course I will have already got the locations in mind from the recce I would have done a few days before hand, I just have to get Mr Best Man to get people in the right place for me, never losing sight of the fact that this is the biggest day in the couples life and they are here to enjoy it.


Often I am asked if I will take pictures of the reception meal. I have a personal hate of photographing people eating, but I will take pictures of couples. I will also ask if they would like to have some pictures taken away from the table.


Presentation of the images:

 How will they get to see the pictures. I offer a password protected area of my web site for people to look that their pictures. I will print cards with the password on it. Have a look at and see the client area.  Your guest can buy prints from there and it makes it easier for everyone. The bride and groom can choose their favourites if they have decided upon an album.

Should you have an album

 In twenty year’s time what will be the current media, who knows, and whatever I have supplied you with will have been long mislaid .A book, it’s always there for you. Show your kids, grandkids, and even shed a tear yourselves.

Why use a professional

 It is so sad that these days everyone who owns a digital camera thinks they are a photographer. I jokingly say that the fact I own a sharp knife I’m definitely not a surgeon. That’s why you should use a professional. SIMPLES.


Whats next.

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