Q: Do you have insurance.

A: Of course I am fully insured for every aspect of your day including public liability. If your venue need to see it let me know and it will be forwarded to them.

Q: Have you photographed at our wedding location before.

A: Even if we have we would visit the location a week or so before the wedding to ascertain the best locations and source the best light. If it is a far away location we would visit very early the morning of your wedding day.

Q: When can we see what you have taken?

A: Within 24 hours normally but this is subject to location, we print cards with the password you have chosen so you can hand them to your guests.

Q: What will happen if your camera breaks down or is damaged.

A: Don’t worry, I have two main cameras both of which are serviced regularly by Nikon.

Q: Can we give you a list of the pictures we would like as well.

A: Of course, it helps tremendously, you know your family better than me. 

Q: Do we have a say in designing our album?.

A: I will involve you as much or as little as you like, in any case you will see proofs.

If you have any other question call or email me I will be happy to answer them for you.