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A challenging day for everyone

One of the most challenging things about being a wedding photographer in Sussex is making the bashful bride look beautiful. My approach has always been to treat the situation with humour, try and forget about the camera, just as an artist has brushes I have to have a camera, I try and make my subject relate to me, so many photographers these days tend to have the camera to their face constantly clicking away in the vain hope that one of the shots will be that special one.

I think the fact that I used to be a Policeman makes it easy for me to talk to my photographic subjects. After the first few clicks we are friends, laughing joking and generally now enjoying having a picture taken. One of my catch phrases when I’m taking an image is to look at it after and say “um, maybe I should do this for a living” always gets a laugh and the ice melts more and my job becomes easier. After a few minutes normally the bride is calling to her friends to have their picture taken.

As the day progresses

I try and remember all the Christian names so I can talk to them all as friends, even though it’s unlikely, apart from the bride, that we will meet again. I always try and remember that this is the most important day of the new couples life, possible cost them a lot of money, they want to enjoy it not have a camera thrust in their faces every few minutes. I have to temper the need to gather images against the need for the day to be memorable and enjoyable.

You have to gain the trust

it is important that not only have we gained the trust of the bride and the families but have also gathered the shots that they asked for on the list they would have undoubtedly given me, this is where I try and use the best man, my assistant and I have never met the names on the list, but hopefully he has so I make him work, build the shots up, start small and add people so we only should disturb them once.

Breaking the Ice


Sometimes to break the ice I give the camera to the bride, show her which button to press and tell her to take a picture of her new husband, I look at the shot afterwards and say “you don’t really need me” Its another good ice breaker. So I suggest you what I can offer give me a call at 07973 191862 or 01273 857899

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